We have set an ambitious goal to create an academic educational center for medical doctors of all specialties. We shall begin with with dentistry, the field closest to our spirit.

Each of our center's teachers is a recognized specialist in his or her field and has vast practical experience as well as extensive academic knowledge. Everything offered to course participants has undergone the test of many years of clinical work and has been confirmed by scientific research. We offer a module-based, step-by-step system, which will allow to gain enough experience and skills to begin independent practice after university graduation or to systematize the knowledge already acquired by experienced dentists.

Another unique characteristic of the center is that throughout the courses and upon their completion the concept of tutoring shall be introduced and supported. Probably, the first of the kind in Russia. Participants will enjoy the opportunity to consult their teachers at any time in person and online.

Every year the center will host famous teachers from around the world and shape new academic programs aimed at long-term results.

We are certain that here you will find exactly what you need.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our courses and events.

Vladislav Avetov

Boris Fridzon